Per Species

Breeding Stock

Native Game

  • White-Tailed Deer, Open Range:
    (State Regulations: November-December)

  • White-Tailed Deer, Estate: POR

  • Rio Grande Turkey:
    (State Regulations: November-December)

  • Exotic Game

  • Bison (American Buffalo):
    (No regulations; entire year)

  • Elk:
    (No regulations; September-February)

  • Red Stag:
    (No regulations; September-February)

  • Fallow Deer:
    (No regulations; September-February)

  • Sika Deer:
    (No regulations; September-February)

  • Axis Deer:
    (Year-round; best May-September)

  • Harvested Year Round

  • Addax:
    (+10% USF & W Fee)

  • Dama Gazelle:

  • Scimitar-Horned Oryx:
    (+10% USF & W Fee)

  • Blackbuck:

  • Armenian Mouflon < 24":

  • Armenian Mouflon > 24":

  • Aoudad < 34":

  • Aoudad > 34":

  • European Mouflon:

  • Goat, Catalina, Angora:

  • Sheep, White Texas Dall:

  • Sheep, Black Hawaiian:

  • Sheep, Four-Horned:

  • Sheep, Corsican:

  • Sheep, Transcaspian Urial:

  • Sheep, Red:

  • Markhor, Bokharan:


    Information To Note

    A valid TEXAS hunting license is required to hunt all species.

    A record class trophy is a trophy eligible for Safari Club International Record Book. We are not able to guarantee a specific score as you are hunting on a single hunting area of 10.000 acres. To guarantee a SCI score or to accommodate a special request for species, we ask for a 50% deposit on the quoted trophy fee.


    For your convenience, we have included the following forms for you to use. Please print and fill out each form.

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